Brown Thrasher With Beetle For Young

May 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have watched this Brown Thrasher in my yard for several weeks working hard catching insects. I was finally able to photograph it on the 10th of this month with a large Beetle. After catching the Beetle it flew to the back of my yard into my neighbor’s yard where it, fed it to a Brown Thrasher fledgling. The fledgling was on the ground in a place where I couldn’t get a photo of this feeding. This occurred throughout the day and I was never able to get a photo of this young bird being fed.

Brown Thrasher With BeetleBrown Thrasher With BeetleBrown Thrasher Here In Arkansas

Note: I have these birds nesting in my neighbor’s yard, which has a small thicket. This is near my house in town and not at my cabin. I see these birds every year. They usually don’t like being around houses so I’m lucky to have them in my yard.

Brown Thrasher Facts

  • Although not in the thrush family, this bird is sometimes erroneously called the brown thrush. The name misconception could be because the word thrasher is believed to derive from the word thrush.
  • The brown thrasher resides in various habitats. It prefers to live in woodland edges, thickets and dense brush, often searching for food in dry leaves on the ground.
  • It can also inhabit areas that are agricultural and near suburban areas, but is less likely to live near housing than other bird species.
  • The brown thrasher is usually an elusive bird, and maintains its evasiveness with low-level flying.
  • Thrashers spend most of their time on ground level or near it. When seen, it is commonly the males that are singing from unadorned branches. (Wikipedia)


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