Common Grackle Baby

June 15, 2017  •  2 Comments

I came across a pair of Common Grackle Babies in my yard while mowing. I think they are Common Grackles, but I'm not 100% sure. Please correct me if I am wrong. I'm not sure where the nest is located. They don't look old enough to be out of the nest yet. We haven't had any high winds lately so I'm not sure what's going on.

When I approached them to photograph, they would open their mouth wanting to be fed. I didn't mow near them and when I checked on them later, I couldn't find them. They may have gone into my neighbor's yard.

An American Robin Fledgling and a Northern Cardinal Fledgling I also photographed in my yard.

Common Grackle Baby - 061017-1489Common Grackle Baby - 061017-1489Common Grackle - Arkansas

Here are a few more photos of this baby bird: Baby Bird (Mouth Open) - View From Above Baby Bird

Common Grackle Facts

The breeding habitat is open and semi-open areas across North America east of the Rocky Mountains. The nest is a well-concealed cup in dense trees (particularly pine) or shrubs, usually near water; sometimes, the common grackle will nest in cavities or in man-made structures. It often nests in colonies, some being quite large. Bird houses are also a suitable nesting site. There are four to seven eggs.

Unlike many birds, the grackle benefits from the expansion of human populations due to its resourceful and opportunistic nature. Common grackles are considered a serious threat to crops by some, and notoriously difficult to exterminate and usually require the use of hawks or similar large birds of prey.


Awwwww, dear little baby. I agree this one looks to young to be out of the nest. Hopefully mom can lead the, to safety and keep them fed. Watching birds, and all animals really, helps us appreciate the adversities they face just trying to survive. I hope the babies are safe somewhere and have a chance to reach adulthood. This is a precious image.
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I love this. Is the the site we can sit and look at all the wildlife you have taken pictures of and read about them?
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