Yellow-bellied Marmots

June 29, 2017  •  2 Comments

I came across a family of Yellow-bellied Marmots while visiting Grand Teton National Park. A group of us were watching for a female Grizzly and her two cubs. I never did see the Grizzly, but these Yellow-bellied Marmots kept me entertained while I watched for the Grizzly.

I counted a total of four little ones with the mom being the fifth. I was hoping to get a photo with all of them together, but that didn't happen.

Yellow-bellied Marmots - 060617-4337Yellow-bellied Marmots - 060617-4337Yellow-bellied Marmots - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming


Yellow-bellied Marmot Facts

  •  It is native to mountainous regions of the western United States and southwestern Canada, including the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada and Mount  Rainier in Washington State, typically living above 6,500 feet.
  • They are diurnal and feed on plant material, insects and bird eggs.
  • They hibernate for about eight months from September till the weather warms up.
  • Yellow-bellied marmots usually weigh from 3.5 to 11.5 pounds when fully grown, though males typically weigh more than females.
  • Their territory is about 4 to 7 acres around a number of summer burrows. Marmots choose to dig burrows under rocks because predators are less likely to see their burrow.
  • Litters usually average three to five offspring per female.
  • Yellow-bellied marmots spend about 80% of their life in their burrow, 60% of which is spent hibernating. (Wikipedia)


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Thank you Becky!
Becky Lowmaster(non-registered)
These marmots are cute! One never knows what you'll find while waiting for another animal to appear. Glad they entertained you! Happy holidays!
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