Coyote Standing In Some American Lotus

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I came across this Coyote back in June of 2010 while driving the tour road at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I first saw it in an open field just at sunrise. When it saw my pickup it headed for these American Lotus plants that were growing in one of the sloughs. I was able to get several photos before it figured out that it was not hidden as well as it thought it was. After a short time it moved into a wooded area where it disappeared.

I had to do some research and I am guessing that the plants in my photo are of the American Lotus. As always, if I am wrong, please let me know. These plants are numerous at the refuge this summer and I wanted to use this photo to give you an idea about the size of these plants. I read that the American lotus is a perennial plant that is often confused with water lilies.

Coyote and American LotusCoyote and American Lotus - Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma

American Lotus Facts

  • It grows in lakes and swamps, as well as areas subject to flooding.
  • The petioles of the leaves may extend as much as 6.6 feet and end in a round leaf blade 13–17 inches in diameter.
  • Flowering begins in late spring and may continue into the summer.
  • The native distribution of the species is Minnesota to Florida, Mexico, Honduras, and the Caribbean.
  • It was apparently distributed northwards in the United States by Native Americans who carried the plant with them as a food source.
  • This plant has a large tuber that is used as a food source.
  • The seed is also edible and is known as "alligator corn".
  • Source: Wikipedia


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