Fowler's Toad Hanging Around My House

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I believe that we have two types of Toads here in my area of Arkansas. One is the Dwarf American Toad and the other is the Fowler's Toad. I think the below photo is of a Fowler's Toad. The Fowler's Toad has a white stripe down the middle of its back and the large parotid gland on each side of its head. I don't remember if this one had a stripe, but I think I can make one out in my photo. I read that only the adults have this stripe. I also read that they can be found in pine forests and I have lots of pines in my yard.

I found this Toad yesterday, backed up against my house. When I approached it for a photo, it hopped away and stopped on a gopher mound. I had better light for the photo at this location and took a bunch of photos before it hopped into the grass.

Fowler's Toad - 080817-1560Fowler's Toad - Arkansas

Fowler's Toad Facts

  • It is native to North America, where it occurs in much of the eastern United States and parts of adjacent Canada.
  • This Toad was named for Samuel Page Fowler (1800–1888) from Massachusetts, who was a founder of the Essex County Natural History Society, which later became the Essex Institute.
  • Fowler's Toad is usually brown, grey, olive green and rust red in color with darkened warty spots. If the toad has a pale stripe on its back it is an adult.
  • The belly is usually uniformly whitish except for one dark spot.
  • It uses defensive coloration to blend into its surroundings.
  • It also secretes a noxious compound from the warts on its back. The secretion is distasteful to predators and can be lethal to small mammals.
  • The toad is also known to play dead.
  • It burrows into the ground during hot, dry periods and during the winter.
  • The adult eats insects and other small terrestrial invertebrates, but avoids earthworms.
  • Source: Wikipedia and Herps of Arkansas


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