Whitetail Fawns Are Growing Fast

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Whitetail Fawns at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma are growing fast. Healthy fawns average 4 to 8 pounds at birth and they will double their weight in two weeks and triple it within a month. Females give birth to one to three spotted fawns in mid- to late spring, generally in May or June. Now that it is August, I am able to get a few photos of some of these Fawns.

The soybean plants are also getting tall and it is difficult to see the Fawns when they are in these fields. If I see a Doe I will watch her move into an area that the plants are not as tall. I get lucky sometimes and will see a Fawn with the Doe.

This past Sunday I drove to a soybean field that a group of deer has been frequenting the past few months. This soybean field is located near the short road that takes you to the Baker parking area. This field is known as Baker's Field. I have posted a few photos of the deer that I have photographed in this field. (3 Point Whitetail Buck Up CloseWhitetail Doe Jumping Through SoybeansWhitetail Doe Eating Soybean Leaves)

I saw a Doe in the soybean field feeding so I parked and watched and photographed her. A few minutes later I spotted the ears of a fawn near the Doe. It took a few more minutes before both deer fed in an area where I could see the Fawn better. I was able to watch the Fawn feed on the soybean plants and I was also able to photograph it being groomed by the Doe.

Each time the Doe and Fawn moved the Fawn was in the lead. The Fawn moved closer to my pickup and I was able to get some close-up photos of it. At one time I thought the Fawn was coming up to my pickup, but the Doe took the lead and led her away. They crossed the road in front of me and went into the brush to bed down.

Here is a photo of the Fawn with the Doe: Doe Grooming Fawn


Whitetail Fawn - 082017-2941Whitetail Fawn - Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma


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