Great Blue Heron On A Cold Winter Day

January 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This Great Blue Heron landed near me while I was parked at a small lake here in Arkansas (Charleston City Lake). This was back in January of 2014. It was so close that I was able to get a profile photo of this bird. I was at this lake watching Bald Eagles that like to stay here year around. This small city lake has lots of large shad that the birds feed on.

I was at this lake several weeks ago and while I was driving into the parking area, I saw a Bald Eagle fly down and grab a large shad. I wasn't able to photograph this because I didn't have my camera ready. I watched this Eagle take its meal across the lake to a large tree where it remained for the rest of the morning. I saw several more Eagle but was unable to get any photos I liked. A Great Blue Heron was nearby, but it remained in a tree overlooking the lake.


Great Blue Heron - 4794140112Great Blue HeronOn A Cold Winter Day Here In Arkansas (Charleston City Lake).


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