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Pair Of Whitetail Bucks In Velvet

July 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

I have been seeing some nice Whitetail Bucks while driving the tour road at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma this summer. Being able to get a good photograph of one is a different story. I spotted these two Bucks a couple of years ago and had to climb into the back of my pickup to shoot over the vegetation. It is getting difficult to see and photograph the wildlife at this refuge this time of year because of how high the crops and wild plants are. I was hoping to get a good photo of a fawn before the plants got to high, but so far I have not. I have been seeing them, but not in an area where I can get a clear photo.

Whitetail Bucks - 063015-5214Whitetail Bucks - 063015-5214Whitetail Bucks - Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma


Whitetail Buck Antler Facts

  • Males regrow their antlers every year.
  • Length and branching of antlers are determined by nutrition, age, and genetics.
  • Rack growth tends to be very important from late spring until about a month before velvet sheds.
  • Healthy deer in some areas that are well-fed can have eight-point branching antlers as yearlings (1.5 years old).
  • The number of points, the length, or thickness of the antlers is a general indication of age, but cannot be relied upon for positive aging.
  • Antlers begin to grow in late spring, covered with a highly vascularised tissue known as velvet.
  • Bucks shed their antlers when all females have been bred, from late December to February. (Wikipedia)


Greg Topp(non-registered)
Hello Steve!
I have a number of two-three year old bucks in velvet right now. Even at this early date, they are hanging with a "favorite" doe. The fawns are growing fast! They have fields of alfalfa to eat and it is well-watered this year. So aren't my lawns... This might be the best fed bunch of whitetails going into the fall that we have ever had. My cotton tails provide nightly entertainment.
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