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Whitetail Doe Jumping Through Soybeans

July 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

Something on the other end of this soybean field got this Whitetail Doe jumping and running toward my end of the field. This is at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. You can count on seeing a few deer in this field early in the mornings. It is located next to the road that goes to the Baker parking area at south Sally Jones. One Doe seems to stay in the field eating soybean leaves until about 8:00 a.m.  (Whitetail Doe Eating Soybean Leaves).

The soybeans are growing fast and come up to the belly of the deer. The plants will soon be head high in this field with a few more good rains which are in the forecast. This will make it difficult to see and photograph these Whitetail Deer.

The one Doe that I have been watching appears to be nursing a fawn, but has not brought it into the field. I was hoping to see it before the soybean got this high.

Whitetail Doe - 071017-9806Whitetail Doe - 071017-9806Whitetail Doe - Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge-Oklahoma


Whitetail Deer Facts

  • White-tailed deer typically respond to the presence of potential predators by breathing very heavily (also called blowing) and fleeing.
  • When they blow, the sound alerts other deer in the area. As they run, the flash of their white tails warns other deer. This especially serves to warns fawns when their mother is alarmed.
  • Most natural predators of white-tailed deer hunt by ambush, although canids may engage in an extended chase, hoping to exhaust the prey.
  • They can also jump 8.9 feet high and up to 33 feet in length. (Wikipedia)


Jerry Stockton(non-registered)
Excellent shot, with a great camera and knowledge to use it like this. SWR is one of my favorite hang-outs. Thanks for sharing.
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