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Bobcat Hiding In Cut Corn Field

March 16, 2018  •  2 Comments

A couple of days ago I spotted two Bobcats on one of the roads at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. One of the Bobcats was eating on something. When they saw my pickup they walked into a cut corn field. I parked an waited hoping they would come back into the open. About 10 minutes later they came out onto the road and sat down. They were both too far away for a photo. A few minutes later they walked back into the field. I drove to where they entered the field and saw one of the Bobcats walking into the brush on the edge of the old corn field away from the road. I began scanning the area for the other one and spotted it hiding in the cut corn field. I was able to get several photos of the Bobcat and then I left the area hoping they will remain in this area.

This is the exact same spot I photographed a Bobcat back in 2014 (Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge Bobcat). This spot is just past Miner's Cove heading north on the east side of the road. Miner's Cove is the area on the left when you turn right at 4 Corners.

This is also the same area I was seeing the Coyote Pups last August: Coyote Pup - Another Coyote Pup


Bobcat - 6855-180314Bobcat In An Old Cornfield - Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma


I was surprised by the difference in the eye color of the one today and the ones on your earlier post. These are an amazing gold. Thanks for all the work you do and the posts you send.
Greg Topp(non-registered)
Beautiful animal
Greg T
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