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Great Egret With Crayfish

April 15, 2018  •  2 Comments

I photographed this Great Egret with a Crayfish while at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I posted a photo of this same Egret a couple of days ago with a frog (Great Egret Eating Frog). This Great Egret was hunting in a ditch on the tour road and it didn't seem to care that I was parked across the road from it.  Several people drove by and it continued to stay in the ditch near the road. These birds don't do this very often so I was lucky. I was able to spend several minutes photographing this Egret.

This area has been getting lots of rain the past few weeks and the roadside ditches have standing water in them. A large number of frogs and crayfish are in these ditches which are drawing in the wildlife to feed on them. I was surprised that I wasn't seeing Raccoons feeding in these areas. I'm sure they are at night and maybe I will see one on my next visit.


Great Egret With Crayfish - 8970-180412Great Egret With Crayfish - Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma


Steve Creek Wildlife Photography
Thanks Rita! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with the geese.
Rita Glaser(non-registered)
Thanks Steve, I always enjoy so much when you post your pictures and info. We live at the Charleston Greenhurst Apartments. We live very close to the lake. We started feeding the ducks and geese. There is one pair of geese that raised 8 babies last year. Think she is sitting on more eggs now. She comes and stands right in front of house till I see her and take her out some corn then she is back to her nest. The pair will come to in front of me to eat, maybe 8-10 feet and eat Unafraid. The ducks are clowns they march right up to the house and even on the porch. The ducks and geese are not afraid of my husband and I. But they are more shy of a lot of others. It is so cool to have wild birds accept you as a friend.
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