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Hiker Taking Selfie

April 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I was at the Fort Smith Historic Site here in Arkansas last week when I saw this hiker taking a selfie. It is very rare that I will take a photo of humans while I am out photographing wildlife. I just thought this guy taking a selfie would be a cool looking photo.

I have a question for you! How do you feel about photographers taking photographs of strangers in public places without their consent? Photographing people and places in public is legal here in the United States.

In the USA, the protection of free speech is generally interpreted widely and can include photography.

For example, the case Nussenzweig v. DiCorcia established that taking, publishing and selling street photography (including street portraits) is legal, even without the consent of the person being portrayed, because photography is protected as free speech and art by the First Amendment.

Street Photography (photography conducted for art or inquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.) is very popular.

Street photography can focus on people and their behavior in public, thereby also recording people's history. This motivation entails having also to navigate or negotiate changing expectations and laws of privacy, security and property. In this respect the street photographer is similar to social documentary photographers or photojournalists who also work in public places, but with the aim of capturing newsworthy events; any of these photographers' images may capture people and property visible within or from public places. The existence of services like Google Street View, recording public space on a massive scale, and the burgeoning trend of self-photography (selfies), further complicate ethical issues reflected in attitudes to street photography. (Source: Wikipedia)


Hiker Taking Selfie - 7700-180331Hiker Taking Selfie - Fort Smith National Historic Site - Arkansas


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