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Barred Owl Wrapping Wings Around Itself

May 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A few mornings ago I spotted two Barred Owls close to the road. I was on the paved road in the Sandtown area of the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. I didn't spot either of them until I had made the first pass through and was heading back out. I see a lot of deer in this area and have been photographing a Buck (Whitetail Buck Growing New Antlers) that I have been seeing near this road. I guess I was looking for deer and missed seeing the two Barred Owls on my first pass through. Luckily I saw both as I was leaving the area.

The Owls were not together. One was near the river and the other was near the beginning of the paved road. I would guess they were several hundred yards apart. When I saw the first one I was able to park and photograph it for several minutes. It appeared to have seen something on the ground and flew further from the road to get a closer look. It watched the ground for several minutes but it went back to scanning the area. It wasn't in a good location for a photograph so I drove away. 

I came upon the second one and it was closer to the road. I decided to drive past it and park a short distance away for better light. It didn't seem to care I was around. Most of the time it was napping. After a few minutes, it wrapped its wings around itself which I thought made for a cool photo.

I was able to photograph this Barred Owl for a while until a truck drove by pulling a tractor. The Owl flew away.

Here is a photo I took back in March and I think it is the same Owl: Barred Owl Drooping Wings


Barred Owl - 0922-180426Barred Owl- Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge - Oklahoma


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